Why Now?

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Why now?

The Google Fiber for Communities plan (see February 10, 2010 Breaking News) fits Palo Alto open fiber network goals to a ‘T’. The opportunities are greater than ever. The risks are low. Now, the questions are: a) Can Palo Alto and its citizens make a compelling case to Google? b) Is Google impressed enough to seek Step 2 (likely more information sharing) with Palo Alto? and c) Can we come to final agreement promptly?

Where else but Silicon Valley; where else but Palo Alto?  Palo Alto is ideally positioned to partner with Google in meeting their stated goals. While an agreement was not reached earlier with a commercial partner prospect (CMR 143:09), many issues were sorted through legally and politically to make the City well prepared to act quickly and effectively this time around.

The time is right.  The time is right now.

What lies ahead?

Palo Alto, and its citizens, plan an effective application to Google. Now we must work our plans to perfection.

 iPaloAlto will keep you posted as the broadband topic moves through the Palo Alto Process. Watch for Breaking News on the Home page and updates on the Events page.


City Manager Reports (CMR’s) issued on the Ultra-High-Speed Broadband Project:

398:05 October 24, 2005: Would an RFP be feasible?
111:06 January 17, 2006: Staff seeks Council direction regarding possible RFP.
156:07 March 5, 2007: Two respondents, now what?
261:07 June 18, 2007: Staff seeks Council consortium negotiation directions
446:07 December 17, 2007: Progress report on preparation of Consortium Plan.
304:08 July 14, 2008: Staff requests Council direction concerning negotiations.
143:09 April 13, 2009: Terminate RFP, approve actions to proceed with open FTTP
307:09 July 13, 2009: Broadband Study Session Report
119:10 January 25, 2010: Utilities now heads broadband project, pursuing economic stimulus
130:10 February 1, 2010: Increase authorized funds for CTC consultant
147:10 February 22, 2010: Respond to Google RFI; discontinue NTIA grant application work


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