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US Cities with Active Fiber Optic Networks  - 936 Communities in 47 States

Overview; Full Report; FTTH Advantages
FTTH Creates New Opportunities
10 Most Connected Cities in the World
Fiber Spotty Throughout U.S.

Cities with Special Stories
Bristol, VA, Top 7 City; Birthplace of FTTP
Burlington, VT, Director Tim Nulty; Other Cities Interested
Chattanooga, TN; video 1; video 2
Clallam County, WA; video
Clarksville, TN; Council OK’s $55 M Rev Bonds

Coldwater, MI
Dalton, GA
Fort Wayne, IN
Grant County, WA; Port of Quincy
Jackson, TN
; video
Kutztown, PA, Letter 4
LaGrange, GA
Lafayette, LA; LUS Fiber Story; Pro Fiber Blog; Lafayette Coming Together
Loma Linda, CA
Provo, UT; acquired by Broadweave
iprovoiProvo Sale August 29, 2008: Story # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
iprov iProvo – Timmerman thesis on technical issues

Shelby County, IA

Stanford University
Tacoma, WA
Ten Sleep, WY
Utah – Top Ten Hardest Lessons Learned by Utah Muni Networks
UTOPIA; Fibernet, FuzeCore, Nuvont, Veracity, XMission
UTOPIA Rebirth; Transforming failure into success
UTOPIA - Timmerman thesis on technical issues
UTOPIA - Google talking Fiber for Communities?
Wilson, NC; Greenlight; Price Matters; FUD Story


US Cities with Planned Fiber Optic Networks

Cities with Special Stories
Hillsdale, MI  Letter 3

Lompoc, CA
San Francisco, CA FTTH Feasibility Study
TriCity, IL; Fiber for Our Future
Truckee-Donner, CA
Tullahoma, TN
Wadsworth, OH


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