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iPaloAlto is a volunteer website advocating the creation of a citywide open fiber optic network. All support for the website to date has come from cash and in-kind donations entirely from Palo Alto citizens.

When you send a message from our contact page, we will save whatever identifying information you send and use it to contact you later only in connection with our objective to expand fiber connections within the City of Palo Alto, and then to other like-minded communities. We employ conventional monitoring and analysis tools to review the web hosting service logs for this site. iPaloAlto will not sell or transfer your information to any other person or entity other than, possibly, the public/private partnership created by the City of Palo Alto to enable a citywide fiber optic network and any extensions thereof.



Contact Bob Harrington, Editor of iPaloAlto, if you have any questions.

Thank you for visiting iPaloAlto!



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