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Google Fiber - Early Reviews

July 31, 2012. Google Fiber rocks the Kansas City broadband market– Android Authority

July 31, 2012. Google Fiber in the real world: Here’s what’s good and what needs work – GigaOm

July 30, 2012. Breaking down Google Fiber plans for Kansas City– KCUR Public Radio

July 29, 2012. Google Fiber: 20% of Kansas City, MO neighborhoods have already met sign-up goals– Tech Crunch

July 28, 2012. Google may deliver broadband for cheap to your area– Android Authority

July 27, 2012. Google Fiber: Why does Kansas City get to go high-speed? – Christian Science Monitor

July 27, 2012. 3 disappointments from the Google Fiber launch – GigaOm

July 27, 2012. Google Fiber TV intends to shake up the competition – Android Authority

July 26, 2012. Google Fiber: Start wetting the bed, cable companies– BRG

July 26, 2012. Google Fiber: Here’s what you need to know – GigaOm

July 26, 2012. Super fast fiber for Kansas City – Google Official Blog

July 26, 2012. Google fiber – Google Launch Site

July 25, 2012. Ahead of Google Fiber launch, here’s what another gig city has already learned – GigaOm



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