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This Events Calendar will be updated each time a new event is scheduled; latest events on top.

February 22, 2010. Council called audible, dropped federal stimulus bid to concentrate on responding to the Google Fiber for Communities RFI (CMR 147:10). All responses, including nominations from the community which the City plans to solicit, are due no later than March 26. See February 22, 2010 Breaking News to Take Action!

February 1, 2010. Council authorized additional funds to prepare a National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) broadband grant request due March 15, and to help complete a business plan later. The funds are to come from the Fiber Optic Fund reserve which will then total about $6,385,000. Staff agreed to return to Council with the grant request plan, which may provide a framework for the broadband business plan, for discussion and direction. Earlier, a) utility staff provided a broadband update (CMR 119:10), b) Council authorization to extend a consultant contract was discussed in (CMR 130:10), and c) the legal department made recommendations to the NTIA which, when implemented, permitted Palo Alto to apply for a broadband grant.

July 13, 2009. Council cool to staff suggestions; see July 13 Breaking News. Next step, a Business Plan to list the alternatives, then rank them in recommended order.

April 13, 2009. Council largely concurred with staff recommendations in CMR 143:09. See April 13 Breaking News for the full report; January 12 Breaking News for City Manager Jim Keene comments. See also February 25 Breaking News for Study Session reports; and March 14 Breaking News for Axia withdrawal from negotiations.

February 25, 2009. Council held a Study Session on Palo Alto Fiber to the Premise. See February 25 Breaking News for meeting reports. It was earlier hoped this item would come to Council sometime during September, 2008.

August 4, 2008. Council authorized the $300,000 budget requested by staff (CMR 336:08 with Attachment A) to provide the necessary legal and technical expertise for due diligence and Palo Alto Fiber to the Premise Agreement negotiations with Axia. The $300,000 is earmarked as follows:

If all budgeted $300,000 is spent, $2.798 million will remain in the Palo Alto Fiber Optic Fund reserve.

July 14, 2008. Councilmember Kishimoto made the broadband motion which passed unanimously; negotiating an Agreement between the City and Axia is next. For video of this Council item (1:48:10 - controls let you pick the parts you wish to view), click here; for timeline of elements of this video, click here.

July 7, 2008. CMR 304:08 includes Consortium Overview. Council Study Session on Palo Alto Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) led by Advisors to the Mayor Bern Beecham, Andy Poggio, and Bob Harrington. For Advisors’ presentation and discussion video (58:35), click here; for timeline of elements of this video, click here. For presentation slides, click here. For Fiber from Day One remarks, click here.

December 17, 2007. CMR 446:07 Progress report on preparation of Consortium Plan.

November 7, 2007. Four new Councilmembers were elected (Sid Espinosa, Pat Burt, Yiaway Yeh, and Greg Schmid) to join four holdover Councilmembers (Larry Klein, Peter Drekmeier, Yoriko Kishimoto, and John Barton), each of whom have indicated their conceptual support for the citywide open fiber community network sought by the City.

July 9, 2007. Council action on the Ultra-High-Speed Broadband proposal next step was moved to this meeting date, July 9, since a quorum eligible to vote on this issue was not present at the June 18 meeting. Council directed the next step be taken, a business plan.

June 18, 2007. CMR 261:07 Staff seeks Council direction regarding next steps in negotiations with the 180 Connect Consortium, the joint preparation of a plan. Action was postponed to the July 9, 2007 meeting (see above).

March 5, 2007. CMR 156:07 Two respondents, now what? Council selected the 180 Connect Consortium to work cooperatively with staff and advisors to develop an acceptable plan and agreements for a citywide open fiber optic network that would be available to serve every business and residence in town offering at least 100 Mbps symmetric data speed.

September 27, 2006. Broadband Request for Proposal (RFP) issued.

January 17, 2006. CMR 111:06 Staff seeks Council direction regarding Broadband RFP. Council motion and discussion led to vote favoring issuance of a Broadband RFP.

October 24, 2005. CMR 398:05 Would an RFP be feasible?

July 27, 2005. Colleagues’ Memo issued by Councilmembers Beecham and Kishimoto recommending a Request for Proposal (RFP) be issued seeking creative ideas for a citywide open FTTH network for Palo Alto.



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