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Choice, at the click of a mouse

Choice, at the click of a mouse. Once you subscribe to any service from the proposed open-access FiberPaloAlto™ network, PacketFront makes it possible for you to change providers and/or services at the click of a mouse...that’s choice.

Competition, with a capital “C”. When you can join or drop a service at the click of a mouse, every competitor on the network must sharpen their offering; they must offer the best customer service, the most reliable connection, at the lowest prices. Otherwise, their customers could be gone at the click of a mouse.

Instant gratification: with one click, your new service is available to you in seconds. The FiberPaloAlto™ network never sleeps. Orders placed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year will be provisioned immediately; that means you can be using the service you just ordered within seconds. That's instant gratification.

“It's ‘choice’ for me…superior services at lower prices.” That’s what you’re saying when you join the FiberPaloAlto™ network.



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