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What does the “i” in “iPaloAlto” stand for?

Innovation -- long the lifeblood of Palo Alto. Empower and nourish our many innovators and inventors, students and start-ups.

Ingenuity secures the health of our local economy, education system, real estate values, families, neighborhoods, and our community into the future.

Independence -- winning our independence (free choice, really) from the cable TV, phone, and DSL monopolies whose decision-makers manipulate us from Philadelphia and San Antonio. They will no longer be able to control content, to limit what we see and hear, to thwart our interest in network neutrality and democratic principles. They offer only what they want us to have, only when they feel like it, and only at their monopoly prices.

Information is power -- preserving the Information advantage Palo Alto has enjoyed for decades by giving every student, school, medical facility, business and home superior access to information -- for education, for competition, for community, for life.

Interactive is what our community becomes, as we flex our new intranet power (“intranet” means local traffic that never goes on the Internet) … 100 Mbps from neighbor to neighbor, all over town.

Internet optimized – using our powerful fiber optic network tool, all Palo Alto Internet queries and transactions move at optimum Internet speeds.

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