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Palo Alto Economy (some information from Wikipedia)

Palo Alto serves as a central economic focal point of Silicon Valley and is home to more than 7,000 businesses employing more than 98,000 people.[14] Many prominent technology firms reside in the Stanford Research Park on Page Mill Road, major law firms and philanthropies are located here as are notable venture capital firms. VCs also headquarter next door on Menlo Park’s Sand Hill Road. Start-ups proliferate in stealth mode. The Palo Alto economy generally follows the economic trends of Silicon Valley, although the city’s economy is also underpinned by the substantial annual expenditures of Stanford University ($3.6 billion) and Packard Children’s Hospital ($0.7 billion). A partial list of well-known companies and research facilities in Palo Alto:[15]

In addition, Palo Alto has a lively retail and restaurant trade, the Stanford Shopping Center, downtown Palo Alto (centered on University Avenue), and California Avenue are popular destinations.



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